High Integrity Search

Plus Plus helps innovative companies find top talent.

Our team has studied and worked in the fields for which we recruit. We don’t just understand science and technology, we love it and are deeply curious about it.

We specialize in recruiting impact players for early to growth-stage startups—VPE / CTO, principal engineer, lead scientist, technically-minded CPO or CMO—in two principal domains:

Future of Biology. Businesses at the intersection of biology and software, where tech like deep learning and robotics are core to the mission.

Future of Software. People pushing the boundary of what software can do and how software systems are built, from ML to data infrastructure to devops.

Founded by Nate Boyd

I started Plus Plus to provide a fundamentally better recruiting service, after working with so many recruiters who didn’t really get it and didn’t seem to give a shit. I do.

I dig deep into my clients’ situation and needs, while establishing relationships with candidates that extend well beyond a single opportunity. I am inspired by people who are genuinely driven to make the world a better, more interesting place.

I've Been There

My recruiting practice is guided by my experience as a startup founder/CEO, engineer, product manager, and marketer. I started programming when I was a kid, and ended up getting my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in CS from MIT.

Whether you're looking to hire or make a move, I can probably relate. Part career coach and part talent agent, I'm here to help you get in the door with some of the world’s most impactful companies and make informed career decisions.

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