High Integrity Search

Plus Plus helps technology businesses find the industry's top talent.

We specialize in executive search as well as machine learning, distributed systems, and devops experts. We generally partner with series A to C stage enterprise and infrastructure startups.

We work with integrity and optimize for quality.

Founded by Nate Boyd

I started Plus Plus to provide comprehensive and fundamentally superior recruiting help. I offer guidance born from real-world industry experience as a startup founder/CEO, engineer, product manager, and marketer.

I started programming when I was a kid, which led me to MIT. I built my career in startups because I'm inspired to help make the world a better, more interesting place. I'm happiest working with people who also love the creative process—and hard work—of technology business building.

I've been there

I have placed software engineers, designers, product managers, marketers, and sales execs. Whether you're looking to hire or make a move, I can probably relate.

Part career coach and part talent agent, I'm here to offer my perspective and help you get in the door with the industry's most desirable companies.

I'm interested

I love learning about new tech, new businesses, and the people behind them. I want to know what defines you and what you need to succeed, so I can make the right introductions.

I have the background to get it and the curiosity to care. It makes this job fun for me and it’s why I can be effective for you.

Want to work together?